BB-8 on the Run

Autor: Drew Daywalt
Oryginalny tytuł: BB-8 on the Run
Wydanie PL: ---
Wydanie USA: Disney-Lucasfilm Press, wrzesień 2017
Przekład: ---
Ilustracje: Matt Myers
Ilustracja na okładce: Matt Myers
Stron: 40
Cena: 17,99 USD

Nota wydawnicza

When BB-8 is separated from his master, Poe Dameron, on the lonely desert planet of Jakku, he has no choice but to keep rolling. It’s all up to him to get a top-secret map back to the Resistance so they can find Luke Skywalker and save the galaxy from the evil First Order.

It’s scary to have a big job when you’re just a little droid on your own. But BB-8 isn’t alone for long. As he speeds across the sand, BB-8 meets all kinds of strangers who need his help. Should he do good things, as Poe always told him, or will that get in the way of his mission?

See how everyone’s favorite little astromech droid makes friends and foils enemies in this funny and exciting new Star Wars adventure!

Tagi: Disney Press / Disney Lucasfilm Press (112) Drew Daywalt (1) Matt Myers (1)

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